Because Nodalio Has Everything Required to Host Your WordPress Website at Any Scale.

If youre looking for blazing fast load times, transparent caching technologies in a highly secured environment you’ve come to the right place. Let us introduce you to the world of unique server hosting, powered by any VPS cloud server you choose utilizing Nodalio server software which was specifically designed for WordPress.

Shared, Managed or Self Hosted?

The hosting world is full of options and the number of companies available to the WordPress site owner can easily become confusing after the first couple of Google searches.

Your first option is a cheap shared hosting provider where you share the same server environment with, sometimes, thousands of additional sites.

The next, and much better option, is a managed hosting provider like WPEngine, Kinsta and a few others who offer optimized server environments (with unknown number of sites on each server) and tools which are mainly available inside dashboards of managed hosts that simplify the process of hosting your WordPress website.

Compared to the options above, Nodalio is a self hosted solution which allows you to choose how many sites you install on each server and the environment is optimized to the point where you use all the server resources on the number of sites you choose.

Using a Self Hosted VPS?

When it comes to hosting WordPress on a cloud VPS server you also have various options.

Most serious VPS cloud hosting environments have their own WordPress installation. In most cases its very basic due to the fact that it’s not properly optimized for WordPress and only allows you to install a single site quickly on a single VPS server.

While this solution can be good for a site which expects 20-40 concurrent visits and page load times that are not the best in class, it will require you to multiply your server resources when the site grows and needs to support more concurrent users visiting your site at the same time. That can become expensive pretty fast!

Nodalio gives you tools and controls you have on leading managed WordPress hosting providers right inside the WordPress dashboard, in addition to blazing fast page load times offered on all plans.

Your own self hosted VPS running on the leading server providers in the world, powered by Nodalio.

Tools for Enterprise at your Control

What if you could have all the advantages of a VPS in a secured managed environment specifically designed for WordPress, with advanced features on which some of the biggest startups rely on to run their business. Think about the option to run infinite optimized WordPress websites on the same server, with backups, transparent caching (which is server side caching that makes your site fly without the need to flush your cache, ever).

Optimized for WordPress at its Core

When we designed Nodalio our goal was to create a VPS server management tool specifically designed for WordPress, which allows anyone, even people who never administered their own Linux server, to do it easily and efficiently using shortcodes that cover the requirements of the smallest landing pages and marketing websites to enterprise SAAS solutions which rely on WordPress for their core business.

Performance You Would Expect from an Enterprise Solution

With our recent (2018) test on a 5$ VPS from Digital Ocean, we were able to support 1330 unique visits per second on a Nodalio powered server running a WordPress website where each visit had 44 page requests. The test was made on our 5$ plan, which will allow you to have 1330 *86400 (number of seconds a day = 115 million visitors, per day, for the cost of 10$ a month = 5$ for the VPS and 5$ for the Nodalio starter plan. Sounds really nice doesn’t it? What if your site requires advanced caching solutions, sending unlimited emails from the server, backups and maybe distributed environments? If all these sound tempting to you then our starter plan is all you will ever need.

One Click WordPress

Before we dig into the various server components, lets see how easy it is to install Nodalio on a VPS of your choice. So you chose a VPS provider after comparing the various options and benchmarks online and you came to a conclusion you will start with the basic plan and build up from there. Thats a wise choice as VPS technologies allow you, in most cases, to dynamically upgrade the server anytime without losing any data. The next step is to enter the VPS cloud hosting panel and paste the Nodalio installation link you are provided with after you purchase a plan on Nodalio. Let it run and install everything for around 3 to 7 minutes (depending on the server) and thats it! After the process has completed, you have clean and highly optimized WordPress installation, powered by Nodalio. That’s how easy it is, we made sure that no tinkering or any other technical bits are required, unless you choose to dive deep into the Nodalio system.

Server Controls at Your Service

After the initial installation has completed, your servers IP will now represent the Nodalio Dashboard. In the dashboard you will be able to monitor your server components, services and resources in real time. From the dashboard you can further optimize your server by turning off unused server components and services, monitor server health and run Nodalio Shortcodes which allow you to add additional sites, create backups, snapshots and many more shortcodes.

The last hosting you will ever need.

Ready to get started?

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