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Secure WordPress Hosting

Nodalio’s secure WordPress hosting solution utilizes the best tools in the industry to make sure you can trust us with your WordPress Business. Every site is constantly monitored and in case of an issue Nodalio uses a revolutionary web-server reload technique to revive your site back as soon as possible in cases of DDoS attacks or malicious code in the system.


3 Firewall Security Levels

Nodalio’s 3 wall security method is a technique used to make sure nobody unauthorised will not gain access to data. The first level is your VPS provider firewall, considered an active firewall method. Second is Nodalio’s UFW implementation, which blocks ports and third is Nodalio’s application firewall on a webserver level, considered a smart firewall method.  

Automatic Backups

Every site on your server gets an automatic backup on a daily basis. You can roll back to any saved backup point anytime in case of a problem or information revert. In addition, we give you On-Click backups you can use to manually setup backup points on each site. You can even offload your backups to an external volume for more security and extendability.

Security Bans

Every site is equipped with an access log also used for security purposes to make sure nobody can brute force their way into your WordPress installation. IP’s detected as being abusive by the system are automatically banned access from your site and its restored after a specific time in case that user is under a wide network of users sharing the same IP. 

Your Own Cloud Server, Powered by Nodalio

By using your own VPS server youre able to completely isolate yourself from any uncontrollable neighbours. In addition, Nodalio also helps to isolate each site on your server so they share as minimum resources as possible.

Securing your software and brand on a server level.

Always Up To Date With the Latest Components & Software Updates.

Nodalio’s stack (components) run the most updated versions of every internal piece of software on your server to ensure security, stability and performance for your sites. To ensure your site is up to date in terms of security features, we update to the latests supported PHP versions and minor security patches with every system update (when available).

Scale and manage your application securely.

Use the Nodalio Sites Manager to Control and Manage your Server.

Using the Nodalio plugin to manage your WordPress hosting in one place gives you the control you need to make your sites more secure without relying on third party controller to send actions to your server. The less platforms able to connect to your server, the better security you can provide your site or clients, in addition to the simplicity of managing your server.

Isolation to Help You Keep the Server Data Secure

All servers installed with Nodalio can receive updates to be automatically updated with the security updates issued by Ubuntu and the Nodalio stack. 

Data distribution control.

Closed System with Outstanding Threats Isolation.

The mailing configuration in Nodalio is based on Postfix and its configured to disallow incoming emails. All incoming connections are locked, except NGINX, Nodalio Dashboard, Nodalio Sites Manager and the Nodalio API. These components only, which are extremely secure by design, are allowed incoming connections via the following ports: 80, 443, 25, 587, 465, 8000, 34560. All outgoing connections are allowed.

Secure information exchange when required.

Keeping the Server Communication to a Minimum.

Password are set on the server locally when creating SFTP or SSH accounts. There is no need for hashing passwords as they are never sent out, not even with the Nodalio API. The site passwords, which are used to password protect the site from random visitors and the Nodalio API tokens are the only hashed information in the system. Nodalio API requests are authenticated via Tokens hashed with SHA256 using our unique Bearer Authentication based token system.

Securing Your Online Business

With proven methods used by the biggest brands in the industry, you can rely on Nodalio’s secure WordPress hosting, also compatible with all other PHP based CMS platforms. 

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