Its time you move your site to the cloud.

Managed Hosting Features On Your Personal Cloud Solution.

Its time to setup your own server on a dedicated cloud. Nodalio allows you to break free of your shared or managed hosting provider and setup your own easy to manage server to receive the best possible performance for your website and business.

You can monitor your server with the Nodalio Dashboard and take full control of your sites using the Nodalio Sites Manager. Getting your own server on the cloud has never been so easy.

Choose any cloud provider.

Choose any of the leading cloud providers and the server you want. You can start with smaller servers and expand as you grow. Nodalio will support any type of server you choose and adjust automatically.

Install Nodalio on your server

After you purchased a plan with Nodalio, we provide you with an install link which you can use to install Nodalio on your server. Copy and paste it into the terminal of your server to install Nodalio.

Manage your sites and servers

Now you can login to the Nodalio Sites Manager to easily add new sites and adjust many of the server settings. You may also monitor your server in real time using the Nodalio Dashboard. 

Greater control and performance.

Managed Hosting Features Included in Each Site on Your Server.

Use Nodalio as your own managed hosting environment. With the help of Nodalio dashboard, Nodalio shortcodes and the integrated WordPress plugin you can manage virtually unlimited number of sites, almost without leaving the WordPress dashboard. Inside the integrated Nodalio plugin you have full control over all the aspects of the site, including backups, complete site information, caching controls and staging environment configuration.

Simple and intuitive site management.

For Anyone Running WordPress.

We’ve simplified the process of installing and managing your own WordPress server to allow users from any background easy access to the features they are looking for when it comes to WordPress. If you’re a freelancer, an agency or a startup with standard or unique hosting requirements, you will sure find what youre looking for with Nodalio. In addition, the system is not limited to support only WordPress so you can use it for any PHP, NodeJS or any other project you have in mind.

Blazing fast server caching technologies.

Server Caching Technologies Specially Designed for WordPress.

With our unique server caching technologies you can virtually scale to any number of clients with any of our plans and install Nodalio on unlimited number of servers. If you’re a single website owner, an agency with 10 sites or a startup with thousands of sites, we have the features specifically designed for your use case. 

Advanced Features & Components.

In order to attract new customers, visitors and keep growing your brands, your WordPress sites have to stay on top of the competition, be reliable and fast. With Nodalio you have full control over the server and your data so you can be rest assured you have an isolated environment that is not shared with anyone.

Enterprise Level Performance

We use the best technology to support millions of visitors to your content everyday. Nodalio makes sure your sites are fast, scalable and secure, giving you time to focus on business and marketing.

Proactive Security

By utilizing enterprise level security to block threats to your server and promoting WordPress updates and patches, we ensure that all sites hosted on the server are updated, secured and isolated.

Designed For Speed and Limitless Scaling

With Nodalio youre able to remove all the complexities involved in setting up and managing a cloud server. All the site controls you need are right inside the WordPress dashboard with the help of the Nodalio WordPress plugin.


Site as a Service

Every WordPress site you create with Nodalio is completely isolated from the other sites on the server and come with SFTP, PHPMyAdmin, API, backups and staging site access.

Transparent Caching

Server caching is a very powerful caching technology. We created OneCache and OptiCache, an adaptive server caching technology allowing you to avoid cache clearing completely.

Traffic Encryption

Use free PCI-DSS compliant SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt on every site or easily install your own certificate to get a green secure lock on every website or e-commerce solution.

Multisite Support

Convert any site to a multisite with a simple shortcode while retaining the site structure and database. In addition, with our multisite shortcodes, managing a multisite has never been easier.

PHP 7.2 and HTTP/2

For better SEO, site speed, and general customer experience, we constantly keep Nodalio updated to support all mandatory system and component feature updates for optimal site security.

Auto Scaling

We adapt the server configuration automatically with the resources available by your server. When updating the server resources, Nodalio will automatically adjust its configuration.

Backups & Snapshots

With automatic backups, on click backups and snapshots you have full control over the backups of your site. With snapshots you can duplicate sites and safely migrate them to any server.

E-Commerce Optimized

Nodalio is pre-optimized to host Woocommerce sites and serving un-cached customers at amazing speeds. We use traffic control to balance visits without any performance loss.

Developer Friendly API

Easily run commands on your server from your application and use Nodalio as a managed hosting backend. Use the shortcodes with the API to allow Nodalio to execute them for you.

Some of our unique features are transparent caching, automatic scaling, MySQL optimizations, traffic flow control system, unlimited wildcard SSL support, DDoS protection and server level firewalls. 

The last hosting you will ever need.

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