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Nodalio extensions are unique server software add-ons designed to provide unique features and improve the performance of your application in large scale deployments.

Never loose active traffic when your application is down.

Application Keep Alive.

This extension allows your server to provide the most recently cached copy of your website, in cases where your WordPress site or a custom application experienced a 500, 502 or even 504 error. This makes sure your visitors can still get access to the most recent content of your website when in fact your application is down.

This can also be extremely useful for denial of service insidents and various database issues which may rise when scaling your application.

To learn more about application keep alive, click here.

Consistent cache flow without any processing peaks.

Application Cache Lock (APPCL).

When a dynamic page is requested to be generated by your server, before the server had the ability to fully cache the request, can lead to resources overload. This happens because your server is required to generate that dynamic page for each visitor, until that same page is fully cached. 

For rock solid application stability, we found it better to load all resources, when possible, only from cache.

While using APPCL, when dynamic content is requested on your website or application, it will first be cached and only then presented to your visitors. This way your public pages are strictly loaded from cache, even if you have transparent caching activated.

To learn more about application cache lock, click here.

Don’t let others steal your static resources.

Hotlink Resources Protection.

To avoid other websites stealing content or resources from your website you may use this extension to provide hotlink protection. 

When this extension is active, where someone links to your images or files, from any of your websites, then loads them from another domain, they will be presented with a custom image and you will not be required to pay for additional bandwidth if your content was loaded on other websites without your approval.

To learn more about hotlink resources protection, click here.

Everything runs on time and without restrictions.

Nodalio Cron Server.

Complex applications and WordPress sites require scheduled tasks for subscription payments and custom processes which require to be run asynchronously and support long running tasks which are not limited by your server’s maximum execution time.

WordPress task or cron management is very limited as it doesnt allow you to run long tasks and requires your website to be visited (HTTP request) to execute the action, in addition to being only able to run sequentially (one after the other).

Nodalio cron server doesnt require any modifications inside WordPress (or your code) and integrates directly with the existing wp-cron.

To learn more about Nodalio Cron Server, click here.

Smart load balancing on a visitor level.

Traffic Flow Control.

Your server is responding to the requests and serving them as fast as possible. Some of your clients may have a faster connections to your server, leaving others, with slower connections, with a slower server access speed. This happens because the faster connections are eating up the main bandwidth. This is also true when your server needs to serve more data than it possibly can, in terms of bandwidth.

To prevent this from happening we created the Traffic Flow Control extension which makes sure every visitor receives exactly the resources you want them to receive, equally. This includes, traffic speed controls, slowdowns and connection barriers to various areas of your site.

Traffic Flow Control is an exclusive extension and its installed together with the Enterprise plan only. To learn more about traffic flow control, click here.

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