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Working with Snapshots

Snapshots are global site backups that can be managed by the server owner to take a backup of a site and restore it on any new or existing site on your server. To save on disk space you may delete any unused snapshots. 

1. Snapshots list.

When entering the snapshots section in the sites manager, you will be presented with a list of available backup spots you can use for snapshots found on the server.

Snapshots List:

2. Backing up a site to a snapshot.

To create a snapshot backup click the “Backup Now” button on any of the available snapshot locations. You will then be presented with a screen to choose which site will be backed up to the selected snapshot.

Snapshots – Select Source Site:

Snapshots – Snapshot Backup Completed:

3. Restoring a site from a snapshot.

To restore a snapshot to any site on your server simply click on the “Restore” button. You will be presented with a screen to choose the destination site where the snapshot backup will be restored.

Snapshots – Snapshot Restore Destination:

Once the restore completes, you will be presented with a completion message.

4. Deleting a snapshot.

To delete a snapshot and free diskspace, simply click the “Delete” button. After deleting the snapshot you will receive a free spot on your snapshots list.

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