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General Server Settings

The general server settings menu in the sites manager allows you to administer the global settings which relate to your sites. The general server settings menu includes the following sections:

  • Server Information:
    • Full server name
    • Server IP
    • Server creation date
    • Sites remaining according to your plan
    • Extensions installation status
  • General:
    • Allows you to edit the server owner email used for email notifications.
    • Edit the default site path where new sites will be installed (depending on your plan).
  • Global Extensions:
    • Lists the global server extensions that can only be used on a global server level.
  • Backups:
    • Choose if the wp-content folder is also backed up daily.
    • Edit the backup path on your server, allowing you to place the backups on an external volume.
  • Server Security Key:
    • To make sure the email communications are secured, each email includes a unique security key. To reset the key used for email communications you may use the “Generate New Key” button.

General Server Settings

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