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Adding and Managing Databases

Each site created on your server has an automatically created database. If you require additional databases for load balancing (or scaling) you may create them via the databases main menu.

1. Database List.

When entering the database section in the sites manager, you will be presented with a list of existing databases found on the server.

Database List:

2. Adding new databases.

The process of creating a database is extremely simple, all you need to do is to click on the “Add Database” button. After clicking the button, a database will be created with the user allowed to use it. The password for the database user is sent by email in order to avoid displaying it on screen.

Database – Add New Database:

3. Database users list.

To manage the users assigned to the database, you may click the settings button which will reveal the database users management screen, displaying all the users assigned to a specific database.

Database Users List:

4. Database users password reset.

If you would like to reset the already assigned database user password, click on the “Generate a new password” button. The new password will be sent by email.

Database Users Password Reset:

5. Adding database users.

To add an additional user to an existing database, click on the “Add User” button and insert the full username (the database prefix will automatically be assigned to it). 

Database Users – Add New User:

After the user is created, an email is sent with the user password and the user is added to the specific database it was created for.

Database Users – Add New User Prompt:

6. Deleting a database.

To delete the database, simply click on the delete tab and the delete button to dispose fo the database. Please note, this action is not reversable.

Delete Database:

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