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Introduction & Widgets

Nodalio Dashboard is designed to be used as the server administration application. It provides you with a live administration panel where you would be able to:

Log in to the Nodalio Dashboard:
To access the nodalio dashboard, please open any browser and type in your server IP with port 8000. For example: 

Nodalio Dashboard Login:

To login to the Nodalio Dashboard please use the credentials sent when installing the server or any system user found on the server. Learn how to add additional system users.

Nodalio Dashboard Widget Configuration:
On the Nodalio Dashboard homepage, you may setup and organize widgets which give you direct access to the most used features you require when setting up a server.

Nodalio Dashboard Widget Setup Example:

The following widgets may be used in the Nodalio Dashboard homepage:

  • CPU usage.
  • Disk Space.
  • Hostname.
  • Load average.
  • Memory usage.
  • Script.
  • Service.
  • Traffic.
  • Uptime.

You may organize, reorder and add additional widgets as you’d like.

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