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Your First WordPress VPS

To install your first WordPress powered server/VPS, please follow this guide. It will help you setup Nodalio on your server and you can be up and running in around 5 minutes.

To run Nodalio shortcodes on your server, please follow this guide.
Nodalio supports most of the major cloud providers. Please see the supported providers list.

  • Please select and setup a clean server at your chosen cloud provider. You may choose any CPU, memory and storage combination, and upgrade it at a later stage – Nodalio will adapt its settings automatically to support the available resources.
  • Login to your newly cleated server via SSH / PuTTy / Providers terminal, using the credentials you received by email after setting up your server. Most providers provide access with the “root” user (server super admin) so you receive full administrative access to your server immediately.
    • In the terminal (mac) or PuTTy (window) login by typing:
      “ssh root@YOUR_SERVER_IP” and enter the password provided by the provider.
    • If your server does not allow you to login with the root user, replace “root” in the ssh login with the user supplied by the server provider.  Once you have access to the server and you are logged in, type in: “sudo -I” to switch to the root user. You may be asked to enter the root user password, which should be supplied by the server provider.


Access the terminal to setup the installation:

  • Access the “My Portal” section in the Nodalio website to get your server installation script. Copy paste the installation script into the terminal/PuTTy window you setup earlier. Choose what you prefer to install by the options provided. You have the option to install:
        1.   Blank server, without any sites.
        2.   Server which already includes a site. 
        3.   Server which already includes an HTTPS site.

    At the end of the installation process, all server and site information (if site installation was chosen) will be printed on-screen and sent to the email you used for the installation.

Install using the Nodalio installation script:

You may now use the Nodalio Dashboard and the Nodalio Sites Manager to manage your server and all the sites installed on it.

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