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Restore Snapshot Backup With Files

This shortcode allows you to restore a Snapshot backup to any site installed on your server.
To restore the database only, please use the restoresnapshot shortcode as this shortcode restores the database and the wp-content folder.

To run Nodalio shortcodes on your server, please follow this guide.

Shortcode usage format:

  • sudo nodalio restoresnapshot-full 01

Shortcode reference:

  • – your site’s primary domain/subdomain.
  • 01 – Snapshot backup number (per plan).

To learn more about the differences between onclick, snapshots and daily backups, click here.

To find out which backups exist for your site you may use the backupinfo shortcode.

Shortcode format in the Nodalio Dashboard:

Shortcode result in the Nodalio Dashboard:

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