Advanced Features

If you compare Nodalio with other WordPress hosting platforms you will see that we are very different. First of all, we let you choose your cloud platform and server from the leading cloud providers in the world. In addition, we developed hundreds of server level optimizations which ensure optimal information delivery to your clients and reduce server load to a minimum.

Platform System Features & Components

Our infrastructure is based on leading technologies from the hosting world, ensuring blazing fast speeds, ultimate security and performance with any server configuration.

Standalone & Independent Platform

Nodalio is a standalone platform which functions on your server without any external dependency. No need to login to another platform to perform actions on your server! We keep the original components as they are and optimize them to their maximum capabilities.

Nginx Native & Extension Modules

Nodalio platform is powered by NGINX as a native environment. NGINX is a best in class web server used by high traffic websites looking for optimal control, security and performance. Nodalio configures NGINX for the modern cloud architectures as a multifunction server platform.


As a positive model application firewall we utilize it as a low rules maintenance web application control tool tightly integrated into NGINX. Unlike most firewall applications which rely on heavy signature solutions Nodalio uses NAXSI to provide an easier automated application firewall solution.

Brotli & GZIP

Brotli is a lossless data compression algorithm with an improved compression density compared to gzip which reduces bandwidth consumption on a server level and helps to improve page load by reducing the content size on the server. Brotli, is around 20% more performant compared to GZIP.


Having a strong SSL security on an NGINX server is crucial to mitigate attacks like Heartbleed, Freak, Crime, LogJAM. We also enable HSTS and HPKP to make sure each SSL configuration has a future proof SSL setup and get A+ on SSL quality. We also utilize OCSP Stapling to improve cert validation.


Nodalio works as a multiplexed platform. This means that HTTP/2 can send multiple requests for data in parallel using a single connection, allowing you to download entire website resources in Async (multiple resources are downloaded at once) mode with header compression.

Optimized MySQL Database

Database server that’s very fast, reliable and easy to use. We decided to user the default MYSQL database component to make sure optimal application and backward compatibility to legacy versions. Nodalio optimizes MYSQL usage to reduce calls, CPU load and improve page load.


Using a replacement crypt command with PHPMYADMIN improves compatibility allowing you to run the latest versions to administer your databases. Being the most popular MYSQL tool, its installed for each site in Nodalio giving you ease of use and full control over your databases.

PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2

Keeping support for PHP 5.6 and utilizing the latest versions of PHP makes your websites much faster and able to support a larger visitor base. Combined with PHP-FPM we make your websites fly with unique caching sets. PHP 7+ makes your websites run much faster than previous versions.


System that dynamically alters the firewall rules to ban access according to a specific number of tries set by the Nodalio platform. It monitors the logs of common server services and spots patterns relate to authentication failures. its commonly used with SSH and can also be used to prevent other threats.

Cloudflare Compatibility with Real-IP Tables

Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy so all connections to your website come from Cloudflare’s IP addresses. This means that your application log will only display Cloudflare IP’s for your visitors. We use the forwarder header to restore the originating IP of your visitor to the log.


This is a basic uncomplicated server firewall built for Ubuntu that’s easily managed and maintained. Its developed to ease of use if iptables firewall configurations. Nodalio uses UFW to block access to all known ports and only allow access to the required server resources.


Nodalio is equipped with a preconfigured version of Postfix, allowing you to run your own Linux mail server for outgoing emails. Its very fast, setup as a transparent mail server and secure. This allows your emails and notifications to exit your server and reach their destination.


These advanced controls allow your emails to reach their destination by avoiding SPAM. Using SPF, a system that identifies to mail servers what hosts are allowed to send email for a given domain. DKIM adds a signature to outgoing emails to identify the public key.

Caching Components

Nodalio was built to allow maximum performance for any application. Utilising the best caching technology for your specific application gives you the tools and controls to offer your clients and visitors, the best possible application experience. 

NGINX Server Cache with PHP-FPM (FastCGI)

By performing the base caching directly on the server for all application’s dynamic content, removes the need for any additional page caching solutions (like Varnish or WordPress caching plugins). FastCGI caching creates a store of your dynamic content for fast extraction by the webserver.

OneCache by Nodalio

Transparent caching solution designed by Nodalio to remove the requirement to flush cache and deal with caching in general. While utilizing the benefits of server caching and automatic website optimization, it allows any site to be served from cache and be updated automatically by requiring revalidation every second.

OptiCache by Nodalio

Transparent caching solution which represents the next stage after OneCache. Opticache is an extremely efficient caching solution which handles caching in a more effective way. Its built for speed sensitive and large scale applications which require transparent caching.


A server cache store that is used by websites to store and retrieve different kinds of information in an efficient way. It uses chunks of data on the server to speed up and distribute website information and improve website load times by a large margin. Can be set to 1 minute and up.

Redis & Memcached Support

Redis is an advanced caching solution used for storing session cache in a persistent way. It can also be used as a multi-server FPC (full page cache) solution. You may setup Redis to work with queries, leaderboards or counting solutions as well as pub/sub for triggering based on events.


Optimized OPCACHE is one of the most important factors in a high performance application as it stores precompiled scripts in memory. Each PHP script is compiled at runtime and creates a bytecode cache which is executed only once and then stored in memory for fast access.

Application Cache Lock (APPCL)

When your WordPress site or application is accessed before the page is fully cached, the webserver needs to generate the dynamic page for every visit until the page is fully cached by the server. Your server is built to best serve cached requests and this extension forces all site requests to be served from cache.

Available as an extension.

Application Keep Alive

When your application, for any known or unknown reason has a 500, 502 or 504 error due to a bad plugin or a system configuration error, this extension will sense the issue and prevent the server to revalidate the caching, making the webserver keep serving the previously cached contents from the server. 

Available as an extension.

WordPress Specific Components and Opitimizations

Nodalio uses the WordPress infrastructure you are already using to offer you all the site hosting controls right inside the backend. In addition, we extend WordPress with unique tools you wont find on any other hosting platform.


The WordPress specification for communication between systems. By using HTTP transport and XML to allow for data transmission.  Wordpress sites running the specification allow you to setup advanced communications between components often required for SAAS usage.


An extremely useful command-line tool designed for wordpress, allowing you to yodate plugins, configure multisites and much more. If you’re looking to execute simple WordPress tasks in the most efficient manner possible, then you need WP-CLI on your side.

Nodalio Server Control & Site Control Plugin

Complete server control and site control solution built right inside your server. Add more sites using the Nodalio Server Control and manage those sites with Nodalio’s Site Control plugin. This gives you the option to use the shortcodes with the Nodalio Dashboard or use the Nodalio server and site control solutions instead.

Nodalio Cron Server

As your business and application grow to support subscriptions and advanced features which may be reliant on executing scheduled tasks you begin to discover that WordPress may not be a good fit for those. To solve this we created Nodalio Cron Server, a cron solution that is executed by the server and is not limited to the execution time or visits done to your website to run cron jobs.

Available as an extension.

Site Controls

Each site on your server, is equipped with all the tools required for site and application management, allowing you to completely remove the server and site management time. 

HTTP/HTTPS site creation

Easily add any site (HTTP or HTTPS) to your server. We made sure you cant go wrong with the configuration by utilizing an automatic installation and certificate issuance process on your server to make sure everything works right from the start as you initially intended.

Change PHP Version Per-Site

Different sites have different needs, and to solve this we created an option to change the PHP version for each site. No matter how many sites you are running on your server, you can choose any PHP version for any of them without affecting any of the other sites.

Intelligent Migrations

Each site on your Nodalio server is highly optimized. When you migrate a site from any other host you will be required to adapt it to your Nodalio powered server to ensure optimal performance. To ease this process, simply run the shortcode “nodalio sitefix”, done!

Unlimited Domains Per Site/Application

Add unlimited domains, subdomains and aliases to your site. If you’re running a multisite with domain mapping, this is an extremely requested feature allowing support for large multisite networks functioning as independent sites each running a separate SSL certificate.

Simple SFTP Configuration Per Site

Each site is automatically configured with SFTP users for its live and staging environments. You can easily add, change or delete users, giving you full file access controls over each site on your server. Each live and staging user has access only to its relevant site and environment.

Lets Encrypt & Private SSL Certificates

Adding SSL with lets Encrypt or a custom certificate has never been this easy. You can automatically install a site with an SSL/HTTPS issued by Lets Encrypt. If you would like to use your own certificate simply place the certificate files inside your site and Nodalio will install it for you.

Convert HTTP to HTTPS and Back

Easily convert any site from HTTP to HTTPS. To make sure you have as little browser mixed content warnings as possible we use an automatic search and replace function on your site to make sure all URL’s match the new HTTPS extension to give you the green lock approval.

White Label Site Management Plugin

Nodalio’s site control and caching plugin is built for site administrators, providing them with full access to the site’s hosting configuration to view the site information, control caching for all the supported caching technologies, backups and move your site to staging.

Server Security Key

To make sure your server is sending authentic emails to communicate with its owner (you), each server is given an automatic security key to secure the communication and add validity to your server. This is critical step to ensure no one is emulating emails that come from your server.

Advanced Server Email Reports

Get updated information about your server and its configurations to your email. Similar information is also available for each of your sites on demand. Such controls are usually only available in enterprise networks with real-time monitoring implemented as a service.

Wordpress Multisite Support

With support for advanced multisite functions, you can take your multisite network to the next level and scale it to any size. Full caching controls, unlimited sites, mapped domains, security, caching adaptations, SSL’s for each alias (subsite), your possibilities and endless!

Cache Test Tool

Nodalio’s caching tool checks if if your site contents are currently cached. This allows the site owner to understand if the site contents are currently cached by the server by displaying the current cached time stamp. If the time stamp changes, this means that cache is clearing.

Automatic Staging Sites

Every WordPress site is automatically created with a staging environment. The staging environment is meant for testing purposes and is completely isolated from your live site. We completely turned off all caching on the staging environment to allow for accurate testing and version control.

Access & Error Log Per-Site

Each site is equipped with an auto rotating log for the access and error information. We also included the access and error log viewer, available for each site in the logs section. To access your sites log section simply type /_nioprivate/logs. These logs auto refresh ever couple of seconds.

Automatic Staging Sites

Every WordPress site is automatically created with a staging environment. The staging environment is meant for testing purposes and is completely isolated from your live site. We completely turned off all caching on the staging environment to allow for accurate testing and version control.

Access & Error Log Per-Site

Each site is equipped with an auto rotating log for the access and log information. This information is also available in the Nodalio plugin, giving you full access while browsing the WordPress admin backend. In case your WordPress site is unavailable you may access them separately.

Backup Management

Nodalio automatically backs up your sites and allows you to take on click backups for each site installed on your server. You can offload your backups to an external server or to another volume attached to your server at any time to free-up space on your server.

Backups + On-Click Backups

Nodalio is equipped with a daily backup solution that’s fully automated. By default the backups only include the WordPress database to save on server disk space. You can turn on file backups and offload your backups to an external volume. Moreover, you get on-click backups for on-demand backup points for each site.

Global Server Snapshots

Create a backup of an entire site and restore or clone it to a new or existing site on the server. You can also download your snapshot and restore it on any other server. This tool gives the server owner the ability to completely move sites without affecting any on-click backup created by the site owner.

Backup to External Storage

In order to free-up space on your server and avoid joining the backups together with the rest of the information on your server, you can configure your backups to be placed on a separate storage block. This will help you keep your server organised and your backups more secure.

Backup Structure Control

If youre running your sites on a relatively small server, you may not need to save the files associated with your backup. Nodalio gives you full control over the structure of your backups by giving you the choice to backup only the database or database with files, when it comes to backups.

Features Built for Large Systems

Nodalio is also built to support large enterprise systems with automatic scaling and server allocations. 

Blank Server Install (Self-Scaling)

Being ready for network expansion is important for any SAAS implementation. Nodalio allows you to create a blank and optimized server without any sites that’s ready to receive your API calls and expand with your specific configuration. Imagine the possibilities of a self-scaling environment.

Hotlink Protection

Nodalio is protecting your images and static resources from being stolen or placed into other sites. This is an important step to ensure that your content remains yours and yours only. This ensures that other sites cannot suck up your bandwidth by having pages that use images hosted on your server.

Available as an extension.

Traffic Flow Control

An extremely advanced feature of Nodalio is the ability to distribute traffic to your visitors equally with no measurable slowdowns. This feature allows managed hosting environments remain stable at any load, slow down brute force attacks and protect against DDoS attacks.

Email Flow Control

The ability to control email flow from your sites is extremely important for any host. This allows to protect its server’s IP from being blacklisted on any email service online and give the server owner full control over the email function and notifications sent from the sites or the server.

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